Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Weight Loss surgical treatment is Attracting Teenagers

Weight loss treatment surgery is getting popular each day. It is just not the old or middle-aged individuals who are opting surgery over other methods of weight loss, even the teenagers are declining for it. Journal of the American Medical Association has released a study, which states that more and more teens in America are choosing to go for weight loss center.
While conducting the study, researchers followed 50 individuals. 25 of these followed a lifestyle fitness program and 25 teens went under gastric banding weight loss surgery. In the middle of those who went for a surgery, 84% lost almost half of their weight. On the other hand, only 12% who had opted lifestyle under fit camp plan were able to lose more than half of their weight.
Agreeing to the outcome of the story, Dr. Robert Sawin who is surgeon in chief at Seattle Children’says weight loss surgery might be good for a small group of teens. But one of the three kids who have undergone the surgical procedure went under re-operation within two years.
There are certain after special effects of weight loss surgery, including scarring and slipping of the lap band.

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