Sunday, 25 September 2011

Spas for Health and Fitness

Whenever you think of the word spa, the first thing that strikes your mind is healthy and relaxing destinations. Spas have become more popular in the recent past as lots of facilities are available for the individual who wish to avail it. The amount of money involved in some spas is high and it caters only to the rich section of people in the society.

There are many variety of spas namely health spa, fitness spa, medical spa, destination spa, mineral springs and so on.

Medical Spa
A medical spa deals with medical treatment by qualified practitioners for ailments like arthritis, paralysis and slip discs. Some medical spas have a wellness focus and include services like acupuncture, nutritional counseling and naturopathic doctor consultations. Some others may have Botox treatment, Laser therapy and may deal solely with Skin treatment and cosmetic procedures.

Health Spas
Health Spas are different from medical spas and totally have different procedures. In a health spa, the emphasis is laid on overall health and it's the place to rejuvenate as well as relax. For people who are busy throughout the week, health spas come as a good option to pamper themselves.

Day Spas
Day Spa is the place which offers massages, pedicure and other types of cosmetic treatments. It is one of the easy ways to take a much needed break and treat yourself. They offer a wide range of facials, manicures, saunas and whirlpools.

Fitness Spas
The specialty of fitness spas is that most of the have personalized and structured fast track weight loss program for people who wish to loose weight. The spas also offer all inclusive options where overnight accommodations, classes, meals, and even some spa treatments are included.

Mineral Spring Spa
In mineral spring spas, visitors are provided with mineal orhe hot thermal spas benefit patients with Rheumatoid arthritis, respiratory disorders, and disorders of the locomotive system and a load of other general disorders. The Mineral spring spa could either be man made or located in a locale blessed with natural mineral water geysers or springs.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Reducing Weight in a Natural and Healthy Way

We can see people go on a crash diet suddenly and do physical exercises to reduce body weight. They would continue this for a short term and if they don't find the desired result they would only get frustrated and tired. They wouldn't realize that the body only reacts slowly for whatever exercise or diet you follow.

People who follow serious under-eating will achieve nothing and they may lack in nutrients and vitamins that the body needs to stay fit. They forget to remember that our body gets energy from the food we intake and stores the excess energy as fat. Eating more food than the required amount will only lead in gaining weight and obese. The most effective way of eliminating this fat is by reducing the amount of calories you eat.

You need to concentrate on effective changes that can bring permanent change in your eating habits. The real objective of weight loss goals is to sustain these changes over the years. People who dislike gyms can follow exercises like a short 20 minute walk every day. Every time you exercise more than usual, you burn more calories than usual. To further improve your fitness levels, you can involve yourself in aerobics classes, running, walking, swimming and cycling.

Cutting calories may not be an enjoyable exercise because the tastiest foods are all high caloried. So, if you need to reduce weight, you need the will power to stop eating junk food. You can consume water instead of fizzy drinks and skimmed milk instead of whole milk. Reduce the amount of food you eat and stop adding sugar tea or coffee. Cut out sugary biscuits, snacks and alcohols.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Why Women Need Fitness Training?

Fitness is definitely needed for both men and women to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But when it comes to losing weight, both these genders have different requirements. Both men and women should not follow the same workout strategy because their body type is different.

Women can also go for strenuous types of workouts although their training requirement is different. Hence it’s important for women to undergo fitness training for weight loss purposes and also to lead a healthy lifestyle and body. Fitness training shapes your body and provides an excellent physique which makes you look more attractive than others and improves your confidence.

Apart from including cardiovascular exercises, their training should also include other types of exercises for muscles and abs. Fitness training should also be followed regularly by women in order to achieve their desired weight and to be fit. You will definitely experience tiredness on your muscle during the first time of your training and it means that your workout is effective. This would be the beginning of a new life for you and so start your fitness training and find the changes on your body. 

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Osteoporosis Affects Men also

HealthNFitness Tips:  Although Osteoporosis is more common in postmenopausal women, men are also vulnerable to thinning bones as they age.
The risk factors for Osteoporosis in men include:
  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or using tobacco.
  • Not exercising regularly.
  • Having a low body-mass index.
  • Getting insufficient vitamin D and calcium.
  • Taking certain medications, including anticonvulsants, oral glucocorticoids or heparin.
  • Getting older.
  • Having a family history of fractures related to fragile bones.
  • Certain health conditions, including asthma, thyroid disorders or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Having low levels of certain hormones, including testosterone or estrogen.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Health Tips to Ease Swelling Beneath

HealthNFitness Tips: Wearing a cast or splint requires special care to help a broken bone heal.

Ease Swelling Tips:
  • Make sure the cast or splint stays dry.
  • Don't put weight on a walking cast until the cast has completely hardened and dried.
  • Take care to prevent sand, powder and dirt from getting between the cast and skin.
  • Don't remove padding from the cast or splint.
  • Never use an object to reach beneath the cast to scratch. Don't apply powder or deodorant on itchy skin beneath a cast.
  • Never break off pieces of the cast.
  • Regularly inspect the cast for soft spots. Check surrounding skin for signs of irritation. If you find either of these problems, contact your doctor.
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Friday, 2 September 2011

Healthy Tips to Get Kids affecting

HealthNFitness Tips: Getting daily exercise is a practice that should begin in childhood.
 Tips for Encouraging physical activity among kids:
  • Meet with your child's pediatrician so he can talk with you and your child about how important physical activity is for everyone's health.

  • Promote a sport or other age-appropriate activity that your child likes, or an activity that the family can enjoy together.

  • Create a Safe place where your child can exercise and play, and offer toys that encourage physical activity.

  • Be active yourself by making time for exercise and playing with your child.

  • Limit TV and Computer time for the entire family.

  • Teach your child not to push too hard - exercise should be fun, not painful.