Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hair Care Tips to get a Beautiful hair

Healthy tips : Hair is the most important part of your looks and your personality. This is one of the reasons why we have a variety of hair styles for different age groups and occasion. At the time when pollution and stress has become a part of our day to day life, hair is the bad affected.

Here below are few hair care tips :
Shiny Hair :
  1. Take two spoons of honey and strike it well with 1/3 cup of olive oil. Apply it to your hair and cover it up with hot towel. After 30 minutes wash it off well with water.
  2.  Get one egg, 1 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of olive oil. Beat it well. After washing your hair with shampoo, massage the scalp well with this pack. Then wash it off well with a placid shampoo.
Hair Growth :
  1. Heat up coconut oil and massage the scalp with it every night. This improves the blood circulation in the scalp and enhances your hair growth.
  2. Boil coconut oil with 10 amla's for 10 minutes and then add 50 Hibiscus flowers to it. Put down it in the sun for two days. On the third day, take off the Hibiscus flowers and conserve the oil in a container and store in a cold place. Massage your scalp with this oil every vary oil and wash it off in the morning.
Dandruff Treatment :
  1. Mix up curd, lemon and mustard oil. Apply it to your scalp and wash it off after the pack has dried out.
  2. Put Hibiscus leaves in a glass of water and heat it healthy. Squeeze one lemon into it and concern it to your hair. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with a placid shampoo.
Some of the extra basic hair care tips include, keeping your head enclosed during travelling, to prevent it from dirt and dust. Brush it well to prevent it from tangling, Tangling is one of the major reasons for hair loss. Wash your hair well after using hair pack, shampoo and conditioner.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Easiest way to losing weight fast

Healthy tips : To loose weight one has to go through different stages to achieve their desired goal. Fast weight loss is incredible that most of us look up to as we perceive to have no time for ourselves for we are trapped up with other aspects related to life.
Here below are some fast weight loss tips for those who have no time to fret at the gym.

  1. Walk – It is the most simplest and basic way of losing weight. Fast walk helps to burn those calories and helps one to lose weight fast and easy too. Instead of walking on a treadmill in the gym go to the park and do an hour of quick walking.
  2. Shopping – Now there are lots of women who go crazy shopping for hours on end and certainly get tired. This is one way to loose weight fast and easy. At the same time you have fun while loosing that fat.
  3. Pets – Pets also help you lose weight indeed. If you walk your dog, you tend to lose a number of calories. So catch your dog out for a walk next time to keep yourself trimmed.
  4. Home care – This might be hard for some working women. In fact the home work adds to a form of exercise which helps in fast weight loss. Do the dishes, wipe the floor and sweep your home. This helps for you to be free, live in a clean environment and most of all stay healthy and slim.
  5. Gardening – This is the most loved hobby for many people. It is said that by just watering your garden and your plants you movable up to 100 calories which will make you look great. So, if you are need for fast weight loss do not hire a gardener to water your plants when you can do it by hand.
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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Pregnant women Can Lead to Skin and Hair Changes

Healthy Tips : Fluctuations in hormone levels and other factors during pregnancy can direct to changes in a woman's skin and hair.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests:
  • Darkened areas on the skin, frequently the face and breasts.
  • Ridges in the stomach and abdomen called stretch marks.
  • Thicker hair, hair growth in novel areas, and possible hair loss behind delivery.
  • Spider veins or varicose veins.
  • Itchy red bumps called pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP).

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Monday, 27 December 2010

Home Remedies for Ear Pain infections

Healthy tips: Ear pain is a common health problem especially among children. The main cause of ear pain is the pressure in the eutachian tube. In this pressure can be caused due to ear infection Called otitis or may be a side effect of throat disease, headache Etc. It can be caused due to growth of ear wax, which leads to bacterial growth.

  • Grind some basil grass and put two drops of the juice in both ear.
  • The best home remedies of ear pain is to put garlic juice. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties and thus, also treats the disease.
  • Dip a small piece of cotton in harsh. Then put it on the ear.
  • For constant nuisance chew on a chewing gum. This opens the barrier of the eutachian tube. 
  • Warm some tender mango leaves and squeeze it well. Put the extract in your ear. 
  • Heat some sesame oil and heat it with half clove of garlic. Then cool it off and apply this oil to the ear. This home remedy for ear pain is too useful to treat the cause.
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  • Thursday, 23 December 2010

    Swine Flu Symptoms In Children And teens

    Swine Flu, the innovative threat to the world, is spreading like wild fire and is caused by the influenza virus called H1N1. Swine Flu is a respiratory disease. The symptom of Swine flu needs to be recognised and administered directly. Health center say that if the symptoms go on for 10 days, it is best to ensure for Swine Flu. 

    Common Swine Flu Symptoms :
    • High Fever
    • painful Throat
    • severe Headache
    • Body soreness
    • Loss Of hunger
    • Stomach trouble
    • Chills
    • Cold and cough
    Symptoms of Swine Flu in Children :
    •  Breathing trouble.
    • Fade skin color.
    • Vomiting and feeling of nausea.
    • Irritation.
    • Fever and cough.
    Symptoms of Swine Flu in Adults : 
    • Chest Pain while cough.
    • Severe breathing trouble
    • weakness.
    • Regular vomiting
    • High Fever.
    Swine flu is infectious and can spread from one person to another. Thus, wear a mask, eat the right diet to boost your immune system and also it is advisable to take vaccine.
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  • Friday, 17 December 2010

    How can we identify Kidney Stones

    When certain substances in the urine crystallize to variety a solid mass in the kidney or ureter, a kidney stone is born.
    Kidney stones symptoms may include:
    • Severe pain that comes on promptly and may quickly disappear. The pain often is limited to one side of the back, or the abdomen.
    • An abnormal color to the urine.
    • Blood that appears in the urine.
    • Fever or chills.
    • Vomiting or feeling revolted.
    • Soreness in the back or stomach when touched.
    • Pain in the groin or testicles.

    Thursday, 16 December 2010

    Home remedies for wheezing childrens

    Healthy tips: Wheezing is normally understood as breathing problem and in detail it is a severe respiratory sickness symptom. Wheezing is familiar among children during winters as they are more vulnerable to respiratory tract infection. 

    Here we are provided some Home remedies:

    • Mix equal mass of camphor and asafetida. Put together them into small tablets and drink it with hot water 3-4 times a day.
    • Mix equal quantity of pepper, gooseberry and dry ginger. Mix up the powder with honey or butter to make a paste, and Apply it on the chest before going to bed.
    • Mix up 1.2 spoon of asafetida, a pinch of camphor ans ¼ glass of sesame oil. Apply it on the chest two times daily for fast relief. This home remedy for wheezing in children reduces symptoms like chest pain and sleepiness.
    • Roast turmeric power and take two spoons daily with hot water.
    • Soak a small piece of garlic in hot water and sip on it several times a day.
    • Intake of a spoon of jaggery with mustard oil is the greatest home remedy for wheezing in children.
    • Mix equal mass of honey, turmeric and pepper and apply it on the chest for quick relief.
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      Wednesday, 15 December 2010

      How to reduce risk of hearing loss

      Frequent exposure to loud noise can permanently injure your hearing.The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these Comments to help reduce your risk of hearing loss

      • Stay away from loud noise whenever feasible. 
      • Wear hearing guard such as ear plugs while at work at a noisy job.
      • Use sound-absorbing things, such as rubber mats under noisy kitchen appliances.
      • Always keep the volume down on the TV or radio.
      • Stay away from using noise to drown out other noise, such as blasting the TV so it's louder than the vacuum cleaner.
      • Get your hearing checked frequently.

      Tuesday, 14 December 2010

      Three healthy risk caused by sitting for a long time

      Healthy tips: The expanded boom in the IT industry, unemployment and low salary seems to be talks of history. Earlier New York in United States and Bangalore in India were known as IT hubs but now the production has mushroomed all across. But do you know that after all the effort you are still open to fitness risks? Sitting health risks is the major cause of concern with people who spend extended hours in front of the computer. 

      Some of the sitting health risks :

      1. Diabetes  :  One of the major health risk of sitting is the incidence of the slow killer Diabetes. The accurate source of insulin and the burning of the fatty acids depend on the proper isometric reduction. This isometric contraction stops after prolonged hours of sitting. The constant occurrence of this can lead to extreme glucose and fat content which thus leads to Diabetes. The most horrible is that while our isometric reduction has stopped we keep mulching on junk food which makes the situation even bad.
      2. Heart Diseases : Stretched sitting causes the health risk with poor blood flow. Lack of movement, leads to slow heart rate and blood transmission.  Improper blood circulation means less blood supply to the heart and thus, less blood flow to the rest of the body. Low heart rate means that the heart is not pumping accurately, which is goes on for a long time, leads to weak heart and at last heart stroke. Heart attack is one of the major health risk of sitting, and also the major reason for rising humanity rate among IT employees.
      3. Back Pain : Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by professions working on computers. This will happens due to cramping of the hip flexors and hamstrings. The hip flexors, extend from upper leg to the hip and the lower back. The steady cramping of this vein can cause harsh back pain and leg pain. The work of these valves is blood flow to a certain direction.
        Now, most of us work with on laptops and computers. If you have noticed most of the time we have our neck bend and our eyes stressed on the screen. This is poor attitude for the body and continues poor posture puts excessive strain on the shoulders, back muscles, neck and hand.

      These are the Three healthy risk caused by sitting for a long time. According to a study, prolonged sitting is also one of the major reasons for high mortality rate, especially among women.

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      Monday, 13 December 2010

      Winter Back Pain comes Due To Lack Of Vitamin D

      Healthy tips: Back pain has grown-up to be a common problem among people especially with the beginning of the IT industry. It has been noticed that in winter back pains are worse and it grows with the harshness of the season. Research has Proves that the cause of winter back pains is the lack of Vitamin D

      The main source of Vitamin D is Sun and in winters in most parts of the world during winters we are less exposed to sunshine. It is also responsible for the combination of calcium. According to recent study, eight out of every ten people who suffer from winter back pain is due to lack of Vitamin D quite than injury or bone problems. Now a day, doctors have reported that chronic back pain was found due to lack of this Vitamin and over 95% patient were cured with the right quantity of the vitamin.

      Sources of Vitamin D :

      • Apart from sunlight the additional sources of Vitamin D there are other food which are the rich source of Vitamin .
      • lacto-vegetarian Sources- Yogurt, cheese, orange juice, mushrooms, soy milk, nuts and margarine.
      • Non-Vegetarian Sources – liver, egg yolk, fish, beef, chicken, cod liver oil, shrimp.
      • To treat winter back pain increase you’re eating of rich sources of Vitamin D and go for a walk in the early morning sun.

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    • Friday, 10 December 2010

      Home Remedies of Tired Eyes

      Tired eyes, is a common problem among youth these days especially among the working professionals. Hours of work facing the computer screen and then watching TV till late hours in the night, is the lifestyle which everyone is following these days. This creates too much strain on the eyes, which leads to poor eye sight, tired look eyes, puffy eyes and dark circles. Here are some home remedies for tired eyes:

      1. Apply olive oil on your eyelashes and go off to sleep. This relaxes your eyes and also rejuvenates your eye vision.
      2. Dip cotton in cold milk and put it on your eyes for 15 minutes. Do this every night before you going to bed.
      3. Put few drops of aroma oil in a cup of cold water, dip cotton and place it on your eye closure. This is one of the home remedies for tired eyes which distresses you and rejuvenates your mind.
      4. Cut a strawberry parallel and place on your eyes.
      5. Put two drops of rose water on each eyes before going off to sleep.
      6. Situate potato slices on your eyes. This one not only gives your eyes a fresh look but also reduces the dark circles.
      7.  Place tea bags in the freezer and place it on your eyes for relief from tired eyes.

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      Thursday, 9 December 2010

      how to Cure Your Cough Naturally

      A cough is an indication, that there is an imbalance in your body, and it should not simply be concealed or allowed to linger on and on. Coughs must be treated.

      Some natural considerations on how to cure a cough:

      DIET :
      Eat a diet wealthy in whole foods, with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Keep away from mucus producing foods, such as sugar, salty foods, dairy and starches. Eight ounces of warm pineapple juice and two teaspoons of honey can make a successful and natural cough syrup. Another popular remedy is to sprinkle half a lemon with pepper and suck it! 

      HERBS :
      Coltsfoot, horehound, marshmallow and mullein are all herbs that can calm a cough when taken as a tea. Coltsfoot tea in exacting can help quiet a rough cough that just won't quit.

      Don't smoke and do not allow others to smoke around you. If you travel by bike or foot in a highly polluted area, you may want to consider wearing a filtered mask. Switch to all natural cleaners.

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      Tuesday, 7 December 2010

      How to prefer Heart-Healthy Foods

      A heart healthy diet can assist to keep blood vessels clear of plaque, and help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
      Following some guidelines for a heart-healthy diet:
      • Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits.
      • Making at least half of your daily grain spending whole grains. These may include whole-grain barley, brown rice, whole-grain corn and oatmeal.
      • Eating low-fat dairy foods, like as yogurt, cheese and milk.
      • Getting lots of nuts and dry beans, lean meat, fish and poultry without the skin.
      • Favoring polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats via vegetable oils, fish and nuts.
      • Avoid saturated and transfats, salt, cholesterol and extra sugars.
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      How to relieve from Shoulder Pain

      Healthy Tips: The shoulder is more portable than any other joint, according to the Penn State Hershey Bone and Joint Institute. So when the shoulder hurts, it can severely limit what you are able to get done with the affected arm.

      The institute offers these suggestions to assist manage shoulder pain:
      • Put ice on a throbbing shoulder for 15 minutes as shortly as the pain starts, then remove the ice for 15 minutes. Continue this alternating ice treatment for a few hours.
      • Make sure you keep your skin by wrapping up the ice in a cloth.
      • Keep icing your shoulder for two or a day.
      • After three days of icing, you must give your shoulder a rest for two more days.
      • If required, work with a physical therapist to help you start again activity safely.
      • Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help manage pain and decrease irritation.

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      Monday, 6 December 2010

      Diabetes may be Hurt Your Eyes

      Healthy tips: Having too much sugar in your blood can injure several parts of the body, including your heart  and kidneys, even your eyes.
      The U.S. National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse offers the below suggestions for preventing eye problems if you are diabetic:
      • Follow the diet suggested by your doctor or dietitian.
      • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.
      • Take your diabetes medicines as prescribed.
      • Monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure frequently. Do your best to keep them under control.
      • Get an annual eye exam.
      • Get your eyes checked for glaucoma and cataracts.
      • Consult your eye doctor within the first trimester of pregnancy.
      • Avoid smoke.

      Thursday, 2 December 2010

      5 tips for travelling while pregnant

      Being pregnant is a great feeling. Pregnant women’s feel very lucky to carry their beautiful child in their womb. For most women, who have started to undertaking in mood swings, would like to go on a holiday with their partner.

      Traveling while pregnant can be unsafe if you take a few safety measures and keep it in mind to avoid dangers as far as possible while being pregnant. Here is the advice for pregnant women on traveling while pregnant.
      1. It is very significant not to travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy. Traveling while pregnant before the third semester will only boost the chances of miscarriage. It will also make you more level to motion sickness.
      2. Before traveling while pregnant, it is safer and better if you get yourself immune to deadly diseases which might be harmful to you and the child inside your womb.
      3. Most important advice for pregnant women is to keep drinking a lot of water, especially if you are roaming by flight. It is said that pregnant women get dried out when they fly due to less humidity level.
      4. Traveling while pregnant can make you feel troubled, so it is important to sit in a seat where you will feel relaxed. If you are traveling by air, book a seat where you have good place to extend your legs. If you are traveling by car, see to it that your legs are not cramp, good circulation of blood flow should be in the legs.
      5. When you are traveling for long distances and for hours and suggestion for pregnant women is to take normal intervals. Do not sit all the time, make sure that you take breaks to walk to the restroom or take a small walk after you eat something more. If you are traveling by car, stop the car for regular intervals and stretch your limbs for good circulation.