Monday, 13 December 2010

Winter Back Pain comes Due To Lack Of Vitamin D

Healthy tips: Back pain has grown-up to be a common problem among people especially with the beginning of the IT industry. It has been noticed that in winter back pains are worse and it grows with the harshness of the season. Research has Proves that the cause of winter back pains is the lack of Vitamin D

The main source of Vitamin D is Sun and in winters in most parts of the world during winters we are less exposed to sunshine. It is also responsible for the combination of calcium. According to recent study, eight out of every ten people who suffer from winter back pain is due to lack of Vitamin D quite than injury or bone problems. Now a day, doctors have reported that chronic back pain was found due to lack of this Vitamin and over 95% patient were cured with the right quantity of the vitamin.

Sources of Vitamin D :

  • Apart from sunlight the additional sources of Vitamin D there are other food which are the rich source of Vitamin .
  • lacto-vegetarian Sources- Yogurt, cheese, orange juice, mushrooms, soy milk, nuts and margarine.
  • Non-Vegetarian Sources – liver, egg yolk, fish, beef, chicken, cod liver oil, shrimp.
  • To treat winter back pain increase you’re eating of rich sources of Vitamin D and go for a walk in the early morning sun.

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