Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Top 5 Foods helps to Improving Your Skin Naturally

We all love finding a great skincare product that really makes a variation to our skin. The subject I think we should always ask first though is this “What can I put into my body to improve my skin?” Of course the most important element for good skin is water but we all know that right? There are also some great foods that can truly make a variation to your skin from the inside. Here are my top 5 lists :

  1.  Acerola Cherries :These little gems are extremely rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary to healthy skin, as it aids collagen manufacture and is also a powerful antioxidant. This means it fights skin damage caused by our environment and because it helps manufacture collagen, it helps bring more structure and strength to the skin.
  2. Mangoes : This juicy fruits are also high in antioxidants but are integrated in the list because of their high Vitamin A content. If you don’t have sufficient Vitamin A in your diet your skin may appear drier and dull. The Vitamin A is important for cell repair; it contributes to better oxygenation of the tissue and is necessary for growth, therefore helps to extend youthfulness.
  3. Almonds : Their plenty in Vitamin E and essential oils bring flexibility to the skin. Vitamin E also oxygenates the tissues and protects the performance of the cells.
  4. Wheat Germ : Wheat germ is purely a super food – it contains a high level of biotin (Vitamin B8)  this is highly important for a healthy resistant system and it helps to maintain the skin and nervous system. 
  5. Avocadoes : These are rich in Vitamin B complexes and important oils. One of the B vitamins they contain is Niacin (B3) its dilates the blood vessel system, is an anti-inflammatory and is very comforting to the skin from the inside.

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