Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Weight Loss Drinks used for Quick Slimming Up

Everyone wants to be lean, slim, attractive and with an extra kilo, the world comes to an end. What are the ways of weight loss? Diet, exercise, yoga and gym etc... Weight loss drinks are one such easy way to reduce weight. Here we are mentioned few weight loss drinks.

  • Vegetable Stalk – Drink two glasses of vegetable stalk previous to lunch. This weight loss drink is a high foundation of fiber and full of nutrition.  According to researchers of University of Penn, drinking vegetable stalk previous lunch can help cut down on 135 less calories. Vegetable stalk is also very good for skin.
  • Drink Ice Cold Water – Drinking ice cold water can help you burn up 200 calories. When you drink cold water, your body burns calories to rink that water to body heat. Cold water may be increases metabolism. This leads to burning of calories and losing weight.
  • Green Tea – Green tea is very famous for its slimming capabilities. It boosts metabolism and regulates digestive development. It also is a resource of antioxidants. Drink green tea after every meal for most excellent results. 
  •  Milk – Milk is a good resource of calcium which breakdown fat into fat cells. Thus, avoid it to accumulate in the body causing ugly fat. Two glasses of milk in a day is sufficient for an adult. 
  • Protein Drink – Protein drinking turns fat into lean muscles, thus preventing fat growth.

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